Team German Marine Agencies Inc. - Marine Personnel Recruitment
Team German Marine Agencies Inc. - Marine Personnel Recruitment


We are committed to achieve the highest standards of marine personnel recruitment. We aim to remain at the forefront of its established field of business by continual improvement, initiatives, and innovation.

At German Marine Agencies, Inc., the remarkable dedication, loyalty, and hard work of our staff members, some of whom have been with us for more than three decades, are fundamental to our ongoing success. Their unwavering commitment is a driving force behind German Marine Agencies, Inc.'s continued prosperity.
Furthermore, our warm and respectful treatment of our staff extends to our seafarers, fostering a sense of belonging and trust that in turn leads to their unwavering loyalty to German Marine Agencies, Inc.

Team German Marine Agencies Inc. - Marine Personnel Recruitment


The Management is aiming for continual improvement to ensure that principals and seafarers meet their needs and expectations complying with applicable national and international statutory regulations.

Portrait Ms. Cecile A. Samala

Ms. Cecile A. Samala


As the President of German Marine Agencies, Inc. since 2019, Ms. Cecile A. Samala has steered the company with a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Portrait Ms. Glenda V. Cabagsang

Ms. Glenda V. Cabagsang

Chief Finance Officer / Treasurer

Portrait Ms. Michelle J. Escojido

Ms. Michelle J. Escojido

Operations Manager / Quality Management Representative

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